Learners will gain the knowledge on how to order a bespoke full lace system. These hair systems are often used for medical wigs, and are a solution for women with extreme hair loss conditions such as alopecia universalis or alopecia totalis which is characterised by total hair loss.


The bespoke hair systems can be made from a range of hair. 


Once fitted they create the extraordinary illusion of hair growing from the client’s scalp. Long gone are the old bulky conventional wigs.


Once fitted your client can wear the hair system in any desired style.

Lace wigs are the latest development in wig technology and have now become the most unique hair system globally. Lace wigs are invisible to the eye.


They are so extraordinary that once fitted they appear extremely natural. Full lace wigs are the most undetectable hair replacement system on the market today. They are a fabulous choice for chemotherapy patients or clients with premature baldness or alopecia.


Course Contents


Learners will be shown how to take accurate measurements and create templates for their clients’ custom hair systems.


You will learn how to carry out a detailed analytical consultation.


Find out the correct way to apply a hair system, covering different technique and methods of application.


You will learn how to successfully remove the hair system and what products to use.

The correct way of regrooming, which involves removing the hair system. Cleaning the client’s natural hair and the hair system.


We will teach you client maintenance and after care procedures, and introduce you to clients’ after care products.


You will be shown how to prepare the scalp for reapplication of the hair system. Learners will be shown how to re-book their client for the next grooming appointment.


We will show you how to cut, blend and style the hair system.


Learn how to tailor your client’s bespoke hair system exclusively for that client.


Your own wig kit will be posted to your after payment and will include:



Weave crochet 

Wig ventilation  

One lace wig cap 

Canvas head 

Practice hair 


T pins 

Elastic tap

Ventilation needle 

Ventilation holder 

C clamp 

Lace take 



Our relationship with our students does not finish at the end of a course, we provide ongoing support by phone and email to help students maximise their investment in their performance.

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